Tuesday, March 22, 2005

T and, therefore, Mom had a great day. We lolled in bed until 11AM - which seems rather decadent until you realize we were making up for lots of lost time from Monday. But not only did we recover some lost sleep in the morning but then we had a nice afternoon and Mom was able to work!

Dad came home and suggested a great idea - let's have Great Uncle Jim and Great Auntie Barb for dinner! So lo and behold, a quick call to Uncle Jim and a return call after he'd checked with his social secretary and we had a full dinner table with not only Great Uncle Jim and Great Auntie Barb but also Cousin Nick! We fed ourselves on Zachary's pizza (brought on Sunday by Jeff, Nancy, and Dani), salad, and garlic bread. Yum.

Then Great Uncle Jim and Great Auntie Barb had some snuggly time with Ms Rose who had slept peacefully through dinner and was now practicing her smiles and drroling with them. A great evening for all! Well, I think Cousin Nick was a little less impressed by the Little One than the rest of us, but he was pleased with some nerdy engineering books that Steve shared. :)

Teresa is such a happier babe with her yellow poopies... now if only we knew why her poopies were yellow again!

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