Monday, April 11, 2005

Teresa continues to grow.. bigger and bigger and bigger!
This week she has really started to clue into the fact that she can use her hands to interact with the world. She's started batting her playgym animals and taking more of an interest in grabbing things.

Last week, Grandma, Gramp, Aunt Andrea and Aunt Dawn cam out for a few days... mom stayed through the weekend. Dad had planned to get the pictures up this weekend, but he was a bit under the weather. :( At least daddy doesn't have chicken pox (like some friends of ours).

On a brighter note, tonight mommy really blitzed daddy in scrabble... approaching the magical 500 point barrier. When daddy went out, mommy had 462 points and a 22 point word in her hand... Sigh, I think all those baby hormones are finally coming back to haunt daddy! :)

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