Thursday, March 08, 2007

Teresa takes a bath

Owen had his first big bath tub bath today with Mama and...... Teresa! Teresa hasn't had a bath since before Owen was born, and only one shower since then, not for lack of our offering, suggesting, cajoling. She had a poopsie oopsie sometime mid January and has been fearful of the tub ever since. We offered a bath with either parent and bathing suits. She agreed, but then decided no when she was tubside.

I hopped in anyway with my suit on and Owen hopped in too. Since Owen is now tracking objects, he rather liked watching Teresa's bright singing dolphins in the tub. Teresa wanted to help entertain Owen but we wouldn't allow her to do so from out of the tub. The urge to help Owen won over the fear of the tub! Into her suit and into the tub. yeah!

Owen got a cleansing and then hopped out to Daddy's arms. Teresa and Mama washed her Two's two paint off and got an overall good scrubbin'. Teresa is now still in the tub playing happily by herself! yeah yeah yeah!!

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