Sunday, January 30, 2005

A 70 degree January day meant Mom and Dad had their first swim of the new year... and of their new lives as parents. Teresa came along in her first ride in her Snap-n-go stroller and napped peacefully while we swam a few brisk laps and then sat in the jacuzzi. Mom got out a little early - to temper any bad effects the submergence in the heat might cause - which was Teresa's cue to request a feeding. Now we know why string bikinis were invented - Mom can feed babe without baring ALL.

This was our afternoon activity after a morning of frequent feedings and a haircut for Dad (by Mom). Then Dad had a quick shower and removed some errant plants from teh yard before the trek to swim. Dad wrapped up the day by fixing a rather decadent dinner of scallops with polenta and cheese-stuffed mushrooms. yum.

We are now lolling about in equal comfort - awaiting Teresa's 2nd and 3rd non-familly visitors. Oh I guess we didn't note that yesterday was spent relaxing, doing nothing in Livermore - and Teresa's first non-family visitor was Beverly Hobson. Teresa took a break from her evening of feeding to say hello to Bev; Bev said the appropriate compliments as to her beauty. We'll see how Teresa schedules this evening - since she's been napping for a few hours now she will probably be attached to my breast when the next visitors - Bethany and Kerriann arrive to visit.

Tomorrow is her first doctor's visit - just a checkup to see that she;s growing well and to allow me to ask my 200 questions I've thought of... but neglected to write down yet!! time to to job the new mom brain.

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