Saturday, January 29, 2005

Oh my. Where were we? Oh yes, tired at 4PM. that ain't nothin'. Friday (yesterday) my little Rose gave Mom a very challenging day. She fussed, ate, poop, fussed, refused to eat, fussed, slept all in an hour. She then repeated the same activities the next hour, sometime mixing up the order. Yes, my first full day of cranky baby. Finally I gave up my strength at 3:45 and called Dad to return home... then she was the picture of angel babyhood the rest of the night. Go figure. Next time (will there be a next time?) I'll call Dad at noon and save myself at least half a day of grief!

But it was blessedly peaceful once Steve came home. She finished eating a proper meal, Dad fed Mom her second full meal of the day (never was a moments peace to eat during the day), and then Dad and Teresa went for a walk to Great Uncle Jim's and Auntie Barb's allowing Mom some SILENCE. Dad reports she was pretty peaceful anyway on their walk and visit at Uncle Jim's.

Today we hope for some peace and will go visit GramMary and GrandpaPete if it seems like a peaceable enough day is blossoming. Happily we did sleep well, but then we did Thursday night too, it was the day that was a terror. We'll see what the day brings us.

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