Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Last night Teresa gave Mom a nice treat - we went almost 5 hours between feedings: 2AM to just shy of 7 AM. wonderful. Somehow though that made Dad more tired today - he's in bed napping with Teresa Rose this past hour (of course Dad didn't come to bed until midnight last night so he's maybe feeling that?). Teresa's long rest at night seems to have resulted in more frequent feedings during the day - but given a choice (ha, choice!? I'm at her mercy.) I'd rather she demand food frequently during the day and rest well at night.

Teresa and Mom went to a Breast Feeding support class today - Fortunately Teresa stayed focussed on the correct set of breasts but boy were there a lot of choices! The support group was good - we received further confirmation that we're doing great! Many moms and babes had some challenging problems, so if we end up with some issues, this seems like a great forum to get help.

Teresa got weighed again at the group meeting place and our little Rose is growing well. She's put on 5.5 oozes in a week, since she should be gaining 0.5-1.0 oozes a day, we're well on track. Next weighing will be her first doc's appt next Monday.

Today was Teresa's 3rd trip in the Jeep, she was very happy when the Jeep was humming along the road, not so happy when the Jeep had to wait for stop lights. Wonder when we should take her offroading?

Gramma and Mom finally finished her little handprint and footprint picture frame today. The box suggested this was a 20-30 minute exercise - well maybe if your child doesn't curl her toes and fingers up into a ball. The first two attempts at imprints (yesterday) got us a imprint of a 4-toed sloth. Not what we were looking for! Fresh attempts today with a milk-induced-comatose child resulted in a 3rd attempt with 4 fingers and finally the 4th attempt producing imprints worth saving.

On a side note: we heard the exciting news today that Cousin Allison is just a moment away from figuring out crawling!

Mom's off to curl up with Dad...

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Matt said...

5 hours sleep after 2 weeks?! Not fair :)

Love your blog. I think it'll be great to look back and see how things change. I transfered Allison's site to Blogger too. After reading your entries, I feel like I should write down more of the details! Things change so fast, sometimes it's hard to remember what it was like a few months ago.

We had a similar experience with the footprints. It doesn't get any easier at 7 months either! Our recent attempts would be better suited for some Psychology experiments than for hanging on the wall.