Sunday, April 24, 2005

Hands and Feet!

For several weeks, Teresa has been really interested in her hands... she holds then in front of her face and moves them around and explores them and sucks on them, etc... Recently she has made two big developmental steps... First of all, she's started using her hands to bring things to her mouth and suck on them. It's quite impressive to se her suddenly start using those hands for something. Yesterday she was in her play gym and grabbed a hold of a rattle that was hanging above her, and started yanking on it to get it to her mouth, only the chain of baby 'biners wasn't long enough... That's pretty purposeful. I want it!

Then later in the day she was in the swing and I realized she was leaning forward in order to look at her feet... She was basically doing with her feet what she'd been doing with her hands for weeks... clapping them together, rubbing them around and just exploring. it was so neat to watch her be so involved. Yup, our baby is discovering the world!

Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Back home... It's Tummy Time!

Teresa and Nana.

Teresa with great-great-aunt Ruth.

We all went swimming... here is Teresa showing off her first bikini... She lasted about 5 minutes before she started shivering.. the water was a little cold!

Teresa with the tulips...

Mom and GiGi at the World War II memorial in Washington D.C.

Last weekend, we went back east to visit dad's family... Here is Teresa with GiGi.

Blowing bubbles with dad.

Pondering the world.

Teresa and cousin Allison got together, just before Allison started standing....

Gramp got to feed Teresa.

We went into the hills and found a banana slug!

And with Gramp and Grandma!

And with Auntie Dawn.

OK... here are a bunch of new pictures.... First, Dad's family came for easter. Here is Teresa with Auntie Andrea.

Saturday, April 16, 2005

Who is having more fun???

We're tired!!!

Monday, April 11, 2005

Teresa continues to grow.. bigger and bigger and bigger!
This week she has really started to clue into the fact that she can use her hands to interact with the world. She's started batting her playgym animals and taking more of an interest in grabbing things.

Last week, Grandma, Gramp, Aunt Andrea and Aunt Dawn cam out for a few days... mom stayed through the weekend. Dad had planned to get the pictures up this weekend, but he was a bit under the weather. :( At least daddy doesn't have chicken pox (like some friends of ours).

On a brighter note, tonight mommy really blitzed daddy in scrabble... approaching the magical 500 point barrier. When daddy went out, mommy had 462 points and a 22 point word in her hand... Sigh, I think all those baby hormones are finally coming back to haunt daddy! :)