Wednesday, August 22, 2007


The dear girl is mastering chopsticks. We went out tonight to celebrate Daddy's usefulness at work and she devoured two bowls of miso soup - complete with a long session of chopstick use lessons from Dad to get the tofu to her mouth. Oh, and she ate the seaweed "just like a fish!"
It's naptime/quiet time. I'm organizing in O's room.
I hear the pitterpatter of small feet in the hallway (not authorized for quiet time but I allowed passage since I was elbow deep).
T enters our room then returns. I peek out of O's room to see her trying to replace the dryer lint screen into the dryer.
Turns out she has emptied the dryer of all her clothes, put them away, now removed the lint from the screen and placed lint in trash can and of course needs to put the screen back in. I popped out and asked what was she doing and she says, quite indignantly, "mama, you need to put away Owen's clothes!" Sigh, so much for naptime :)

Who knew she was so industrious!