Thursday, December 28, 2006


Well, here it is.. the post-christmas downtime again. Two years ago we were still frantically getting ready for Teresa... This time around, waiting for Walnut, things are a little more relaxed, but still exciting. Teresa received a few things of note for christmas, besides a bunch more little people... A big magna-doodle: it has shapes which make it easier for her to fill the whole thing up with magna-black. A green chair with 'Teresa' on it. Raggedy Ann. A wagon. I definitely think it's time to put away some things (rotating her stock of puzzles, for instance) and putting away some of the 'walker' toys... Fortunately, the house doesn't seem all that much more crowded now, which is good. Hopefully I continue to feel that way.

Teresa is moving up to twos next week... she's been 'trying it out' the last two... She seems to be adjusting well: yesterday all of the kids were following her around crawling on the floor, according to her teachers. Recently she's also started figuring out how to open doorknobs. I guess it was more just getting tall enough that really figuring it out, though :) Fortunately, it means little in practice, since she still tends to come find us in the morning. She's also been reading her new Christmas books about being a big sister! I think she's looking forward to it (although I know she doesn't understand everything that it entails).

Anyway, off to pick her up at daycare!