Thursday, March 31, 2005

Teresa went to the GI doc today... He OK'd u to do what we are already doing: reintroducing corn... If luck holds, we'll be back on cheese by the time we go to Italy in July... Weee!

Thursday, March 24, 2005

chunky yellow poopies!
furtive giggles!

beautiful little girl.

Tuesday, March 22, 2005

T and, therefore, Mom had a great day. We lolled in bed until 11AM - which seems rather decadent until you realize we were making up for lots of lost time from Monday. But not only did we recover some lost sleep in the morning but then we had a nice afternoon and Mom was able to work!

Dad came home and suggested a great idea - let's have Great Uncle Jim and Great Auntie Barb for dinner! So lo and behold, a quick call to Uncle Jim and a return call after he'd checked with his social secretary and we had a full dinner table with not only Great Uncle Jim and Great Auntie Barb but also Cousin Nick! We fed ourselves on Zachary's pizza (brought on Sunday by Jeff, Nancy, and Dani), salad, and garlic bread. Yum.

Then Great Uncle Jim and Great Auntie Barb had some snuggly time with Ms Rose who had slept peacefully through dinner and was now practicing her smiles and drroling with them. A great evening for all! Well, I think Cousin Nick was a little less impressed by the Little One than the rest of us, but he was pleased with some nerdy engineering books that Steve shared. :)

Teresa is such a happier babe with her yellow poopies... now if only we knew why her poopies were yellow again!

Friday, March 18, 2005

So I'm sitting here on the couch with T in the snugli. Thankfully she's asleep. I got home from work and she was upset. (Gas? Tired? Hungry? Just because? who knows....) Anyway, It took a bit of walking, but eventually she calmed down... Now I have one of those tricky parental choices: Do I stay here and type, or go pee make my way to bed, given the risk that she'll wake up and be fussy??? what can I say... I'm feeling chicken.

Wedvesday, GramMary and Grandpa Pete treated mommy and daddy to their first date... we went to a music show at a bookstore in livermore. It was a mandolin/guitar duo.. Pretty nice, especially the freedom of not wondering if T will need attention. Of course when we went back to pick her up, she had been crying almost the entire time: so much for our happy child! hopefully Gma and Gpa don't take it personally...

Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Teresa also had lunch at the Awahnee... Mom and dad had to settle for salami sandwiches.

Teresa enjoyed Yosemite... Even better, our pesto poopies have turned back to a nice squash soup: our sweetheart is acting more like a sweetheart again!

Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Mommy is always complaining that there aren't any cute pictures of *her* with Teresa. So.. Now there's one. :)

How's that for a comparison-of-hand-sizes?
We've been really busy recently! Is this a sign that life is returning to normal or just a sign that we are overwhelmed? Last week we went to a GI doc for some poopie advice... His advice certainly was poopie: despite no hard(ha!) evidence, he figures it is perhaps a food sensitivity of some kind that is causing all of Teresa's diarrhea and that mommy can't eat milk, or cheese, or eggs, or corn, or soy... Hence, by the law of spousal pain, neither does daddy! This eliminates a surprising amount of things: deli turkey? Nope: corn syrup. crackers? Nope: soy. oh well... we didn't enjoy eating anyway.

Last Saturday, we went to a local park (Bernal) for a 'Mom's group' hike. Unfortunately, because of relatively short notice planning, we were the only ones to actually make it. Fortuantely, the hike was absolutely beautiful! Lots of wildflowers and a spectacular view (although the end was a little muddy). Unfortunately, Daddy forgot the camera, so you'll have to take our word for it. Sunday we attempted to meet up with the moms again at a local winery for a special jazz afternoon wine tasting. We did end up meeting another family, although not one we had intended to. It is nice to see that we can, in fact be a little social even with Teresa. This week, she's been a little more grumpy than usual, of course it might have something to do with the fact that mommy and daddy's reduced diet means less milk for her!

This weekend we are running off to Yosemite for a few days: with Teresa! Our plan is to hang out in the valley and maybe do some snowshoeing... should be fun. With any luck I won't forget the camera this time.