Saturday, February 25, 2006

We don't teach her these things.... Really... We Don't! Posted by Picasa

Teresa and her panda from Gramp... Posted by Picasa

The best use for Teresa's stool is to reach the piano! Posted by Picasa

I'm not sure where grandma found this (I have a feeling it might have been something of Andrea or Dawn's?), but Teresa discovered it one day.... And was very tickled! Posted by Picasa

Friday, February 03, 2006

Then this morning we took Dad to work, we take him in 0-2 times a week so this is not an everyday activity. There are speedbumps on the Xilinx campus and I always say "bump" before we drive over them - seems courteous so she knows she'll be joustled. Well this morning we turned onto the campus and I said "teresa, what comes next?" and she says "bump" Her Daddy's jaw dropped! I must admit I too was pretty impressed. Who knew she recognized Xilinx's campus in reverse (she looks out the back window) and associated bumps with it? AND knew the answer to my question??!

Yesterday we went to Livermore with Aunt Teensy and the cousins to see the baby lambs at the Marina property. Teresa pointed at them but seemed more interested in practicing her walking up and down the incline. oh well. what do we know? Last night Teresa was having some cozy time with Dad reading books. She grabbed her "Colors" book and flipped the pages to the white and pointed to the sheep to tell Daddy about her day!!! and then skipped to the black page to point to the picture of the sheep's face. Ohmy. Who knew she knew all this?