Saturday, February 03, 2007


Yesterday, Teresa and I went to happy hollow... She was very excited to see the jaguar and the lemurs and ride the merry go round and have some daddy-daughter time. Well, I guess she was feeling very conident this morning, because she sat on her potty and 'it came out daddy!'. This was after lastnight where she thought about it for a looooong time and announced the same, but with no results. I think we're going to take it really slow, since owen has recently arrived, but it shows that our little girl is growing up!

Friday, February 02, 2007

Teresa seems to be adjusting well to her new baby brother. Probably it helps that so far Owen mostly sleeps and eats, not much time for fussing and demanding attention.

Last night Teresa wanted some cuddle time with Owen so she sat with Owen on her lap in the boppy and showed Owen her elbows and catalogued his facial features. She then requested that I read Raggedy Ann to them both; I think Owen slept through it but Teresa was very proud to share with her brother.

This morning Teresa was all hugs for Owen while he had his morning nurse.

Hoepfully we'll be able to keep a happy relationship!

When asked by GrandDaddy (aka PopPop), "where did you get that cough?" Teresa paused, looked at GrandDaddy and said , "From my mouth."

Teresa showed Mama a small redness on her knee and exclaimed she had an owie. Mama asked, "where did you get your owie?" Teresa replied, "on my knee."