Thursday, November 15, 2007

"Teresa, what is on your wish list for Santa to bring to you?"
"I wish that Santa will bring you and Daddy snuggies"

Friday, October 26, 2007

jigsaw puzzles - doing 50 pieces puzzles in her sleep, we're moving up to 60 and 100 pieces.
headstands - can now do in middle of room - no wall needed for support.

Thursday, October 18, 2007


While Daddy and Teresa were away on the weekend celebrating Great Nana's 90th birthday, Owen and I were able to wander some garage sales. One of our finds was a little pink scooter for free!

Teresa noticed it and asked if it was for her - and when she could ride it. So today after preschool she found her helmet and gave her scooter a try. The first couple pushes netted her a forward movement of half an inch... but within a minute she was zipping across the driveway with good pushes and balance and gleeful glitters in her eyes.

Sunday, October 07, 2007

Mama, do youhave a bug in your throat?

Yes, honey, mama is not feling so good.

Is it a ladybug?

Thursday, October 04, 2007


At this point, we've been home nearly a week from our big trip to Ireland... It was a fun trip, but it was alot of work for Mom and Dad: not nearly as much of a vacation as we would have liked, I think. We went for a little over two weeks: arrived in Dublin on Friday morning and spent most of the weekend doing some local exploring in the parks, (especially St. Stephen's Green near our hotel) and getting the kids adjusted to the time change. The first week Dad worked, while mom tried to hold the family together: It was pretty stressful on everyone for Dad to get up early (before Teresa!) and take the light rail train to meet his carpool, and then arrive back at the hotel just in time to rush off for a not ludicrously expensive dinner before a bit of playtime and then bedtime. To make matters worse, Mom caught a bit of cough ("A bug caught Momma!") and wasn't sleeping well anyway. Fortunately, for the most part Teresa adjusted well to living in the hotel (and later B&Bs) although by the end of her trip, she was beginning to tire of the whole process (as were we all).

Dublin highlights:
Chasing pigeons in the park.
Feeding the ducks in the park.
Short swings: easy to pump!
Figuring out how to walk on the wiggly beams.
Listening to buskers on Grafton Street
St. Andrew's/Andrea's church, converted into the tourist info center.
Churches in general: "Spires go way up into the sky and reach up to the heavens!"
"Another taxi!"
Taking the train to Dun Laoghrie and watching the boats.
Doing puzzles at all hours in the hotel lobby.
Flirting with the guys going off to play golf.
Climbing in and out of the port-a-crib.
Lots of yogurt.

On Friday, Tina and Peter flew in from Denmark and we joined them at a B&B in Navan county Meath just north of Dublin. The owner was also a sheep farmer, so there were lots of sheep to watch and a slide in the backyard, which was as much fun to jump from as to slide down. On Saturday, we did a little exploring and discovered Bestwick Abbey, a somewhat standing old church in the area, which was a great climbing structure. On Sunday, we began our cross-country drive, attempted a hike in the driving rain, gave up, and ended up near Nenagh in the central portion of the country in search of a playground. Asking around, we discovered that the nearest playground was in a small town called Dromineer off of Loch Derg, a few km outside of town. We ended up finding the playground and staying at the B&B next door: a great little place that was the former Gargai (police) barracks. It turns out that Dromineer was once a main port on the canal route from Limerick to Dublin, but is now a small town mostly used by boaters in the summer. We did have a great night of roaring rain, but were able to enjoy it (and the spiders in the window!) from inside.

On monday, we finished our trek across the country to the Dingle peninsula. Most of the day was rainy, which made our 'perfect stop' going to see the Crag Cave. Most of the rest of our trip was spent on the Dingle Peninsula at a B&B between Lispole and Dingle. We were originally hoping to do a great B&B to B&B trek, but in the end we settled for one big hiking day where our host dropped us off in nearby Anascaul and we hiked about 6 miles back to Lispole, where she picked us up again. The stretch of the Dingle Way we did was mostly on back roads, letting us take the stroller and not have to worry about carrying both kids plus all our gear. Teresa wasn't terribly sure that she wanted to do a hike in the beginning (being more interested in puzzles and the B&B dog Fairn) and Daddy carried her most of the first mile. fortunately, after that she warmed up our adventure (after being assured that we were going BACK to the B&B) and ended up walking quite a bit. We had lunch at Minard Castle beach, dominated by a once formidable fortress, and got to wander around the rocks for a bit before continuing.

On another outing, we went to Dingle and took a boat into the harbor to see Fungie, the Dingle resident dolphin (pleasing crowds since 1984!) Teresa got a great kick out of that and combined with getting to climb on the bronze Fungie statue, it was one of the highlights of her trip.

Mom and Dad's 5th anniversary was on the trip: Dad surprised mom with a GPS receiver, so we could try geocaching (or "searching for buried treasure"). We looked for one overlooking Inch Strand (which was no longer there, apparently) and later in the week tried to find another no O'Conner pass (which we didn't have the right coordinates for).

Teresa and Owen both did pretty well in the Pubs/restaurants for dinner, although one time near the end of our trip, Teresa adamantly asserted that she did NOT want to go to a restaurant for dinner: Mom and Dad ended up with takeout Chinese food back at the B&B. They were both often a hit with the other patrons, and Teresa would sometimes carry on conversations with other people all by herself. Of course she was also interested in just having them read her a book!

On Friday, we left our wonderful B&B and headed north, taking a detour across the Tarbert-Killimer car ferry (also a hit, of course) before spending one last night in Bunratty near the Shannon airport.

More highlights:
Teresa's purple rock from the Cave.
Climbing on Fungie.
Potty adventures (squatting in the park, realizing she had to go potty after going down 4 stories into the Cave, waking up with dry diapers, her realizing this and the next night deciding to take her diaper off before going to bed and then climbing out of the crib to go potty (all by herself!))
Picking out a hat (and a hat for Kristi!) at the farmer's market.
Digging in the sand on the beaches.
Getting stuck behind a herd of sheep on dingle.
Reading books with Peter.
Taking a shower by herself using the hand shower.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007


The dear girl is mastering chopsticks. We went out tonight to celebrate Daddy's usefulness at work and she devoured two bowls of miso soup - complete with a long session of chopstick use lessons from Dad to get the tofu to her mouth. Oh, and she ate the seaweed "just like a fish!"
It's naptime/quiet time. I'm organizing in O's room.
I hear the pitterpatter of small feet in the hallway (not authorized for quiet time but I allowed passage since I was elbow deep).
T enters our room then returns. I peek out of O's room to see her trying to replace the dryer lint screen into the dryer.
Turns out she has emptied the dryer of all her clothes, put them away, now removed the lint from the screen and placed lint in trash can and of course needs to put the screen back in. I popped out and asked what was she doing and she says, quite indignantly, "mama, you need to put away Owen's clothes!" Sigh, so much for naptime :)

Who knew she was so industrious!

Monday, July 23, 2007

Dry dipes! overnight! Soon She may be declared 100% pottytrained - currently she only dipes at night :)

Friday, June 29, 2007

it's naptime. Teresa is in her room. there are LOUD kathuNKS. I walk down the hall and ask what she is doing.

"climbing on the table and JUMPING!" says she.

but of course.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

we went to TRU this morning to get Teresa more challenging puzzles. I'm beginning to think going from 3 piece puzzles to 12 piece puzzles is not challenging enough!! she's breezed through the firetruck and airplane and boat (each with 12 pieces). now onto the motorcycle. I did get one 24 piece puzzle... wonder if that will be of interest?! or are we going straight to 100 pieces? or more?

anyway, I may return the other 12 piece sets I bought given the speed she seems to have mastered these!

Thursday, June 07, 2007

"Mama, will you do the peepee dance?"

"Yes, after you put peepee in the potty."

imagine the sound of liquid hitting a plastic container
imagine mama singing and dancing

Mama does a lot of dancing these days - diapers are only for naps and bedtime!! yippee!

Thursday, May 31, 2007

I want to go Rock Climbing!

Last weekend was our annual Memorial Day climbing trip to Joshua Tree, and Teresa had a great time! We were working up to it for a few days beforehand, although we may have played it up a bit much, since she didn't nap for 3 or 4 days straight. The trip down was a bit challenging, as Owen cried quite a bit and Teresa wanted to read lots of books. Teresa managed to do a little bit of actual climbing, although it was dfficult to find much that was approachable for her, so she ended up spending alot of time "exploring the desert" (i.e. digging in the sand) often with her new found friend Valerie. Overall she did very well camping, and managed the hot weather well. I think we're all looking forward to playing in the tent again... :)

The highlights:
"Can you put your climbing harness on?"
"Momma is climbing high! Good Job Momma!"
"Momma I caught a bug!" (A half-squished quarter-sized beetle, which she proceeded to show to us as it twitched in her hand)
Playing in the Vanagon with Deb
Showing Valerie how high she can jump.
Jumping on the air mattress in the tent while taking her 'nap'.

After coming home, I asked her who she remembered from the weekend an she responded "Valerie brought back my shovel" (which had been left at the climbing area).

And, last but not least, this morning she had conjured up a song, the words of which were something like "Rock Climbing, Rock Climbing, Rock Climbing, Rock Climbing...." (etc... you get the idea...)

Monday, May 21, 2007

Mama, "Teresa, we're going to the meatball store today."

Teresa, "no Mama, it is called Costco."

Friday, May 18, 2007

"Teresa, should we change your diaper? it smells like you have a little poop."

"No, mama, it's a big poop."

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Monday, May 07, 2007

helping owen

yesterday after teresa got up from her nap, she discovered owen on th e floor in the livig room, just kick'n it in a onsie. She departed to his room and brought him back a snuggy. I turned aroud to find her again in his room opening drawers so asked what she was after - socks for owen.

i handed her a pair and she proceeded to put them on him best she could (not half bad!).

Friday, May 04, 2007

mama's favorite words

dues (plural of do)

Monday, April 30, 2007

'just one daddy'

Teresa often asks for things, such as reading a book or singing a song at bedtime or naptime which mom and I love to do for her. In order to give her what she wants but avoid her dragging it out for ever, we often say 'OK, but just one (book/song)'. Hence, this is a phrase she hears alot, and uses as well (often with an added finger for emphasis... Where she learned that, we're not sure: certainly not from us!)

The other other day, after a little potty accident, I told her I would go get fresh panties while she sat on the potty. Her response(with the finger for emphasis, of course: "No daddy, just ONE please!"

Monday, April 23, 2007

Raggedy Ann

Gramma ad Gramp gave Teresa a Raggedy Ann doll and book for Christmas. The book gets mote play time than the doll (of course, its my book worm tractor loving daughter!). This morning she asked me to tie her to a kite - she was Raggedy Ann! We called Daddy and asked if we could use his kite and tie Teresa to it - but he said it wouldnt work, he needs to get a bigger kite! So until he gets a bigger kite, Teresa and I play pretend kite flying. She tells me she's way way up high with the airplanes.

Sunday, April 22, 2007

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We sat and sat and sat......
.......and got pee!!

Friday, April 20, 2007


today we had poop! in the potty!

of course immediately following we had MORE poop in the panties and after cleaning that up had peepee in the panties but... Life is a dance! one step forward two steps back.

Friday, April 13, 2007

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Our little Climber

Teresa is testing out her harness for Mem Weekend climbing... She
is ready to go!
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Tuesday, March 27, 2007

No pants! OK, no underpants! That's how Teresa went to daycare today. We'll see what the report is at day end!! I sent 5 pairs of pants in case of accidents, as well as diapers incase she decides she wants them!!

Friday, March 23, 2007

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Teresa emerged from her nap today in new duds... over top her longsleeve dark pink top she wears a shortsleeve light pink top with ruffled cap sleeves. And over her black and pink ballerina pants she has a aqua blue swim diaper wrapped around her knees/lower thighs. The look is completed with her turtle shoes.

Her turns on the catwalk are limted by the swim diaper but she is not bothered by this concession to fashion.

Of course her hair is in her favorite style of late - bed head.

Sunday, March 18, 2007

A Pox on You!

despite Teresa's innoculation, she pickedup chicken pox at daycare. Fortunately it's a very mild case, only 6 dots so far! And she's not too bothered by them - seems more distressed to have dots marring her skin (the diva) than itchy. Hopefully the next few days show no more dots AND hopefully Owen escapes the pox...

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Song writer

After a recent visit to the Whitmans (Jim, Alis, Seth, and of course doggie Mango)...

Teresa starts singing--

There was a farmer had a dog and Mango was his name-o B I N G O ....

Yes, my daughter the song writer!

Thursday, March 08, 2007

Teresa takes a bath

Owen had his first big bath tub bath today with Mama and...... Teresa! Teresa hasn't had a bath since before Owen was born, and only one shower since then, not for lack of our offering, suggesting, cajoling. She had a poopsie oopsie sometime mid January and has been fearful of the tub ever since. We offered a bath with either parent and bathing suits. She agreed, but then decided no when she was tubside.

I hopped in anyway with my suit on and Owen hopped in too. Since Owen is now tracking objects, he rather liked watching Teresa's bright singing dolphins in the tub. Teresa wanted to help entertain Owen but we wouldn't allow her to do so from out of the tub. The urge to help Owen won over the fear of the tub! Into her suit and into the tub. yeah!

Owen got a cleansing and then hopped out to Daddy's arms. Teresa and Mama washed her Two's two paint off and got an overall good scrubbin'. Teresa is now still in the tub playing happily by herself! yeah yeah yeah!!

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Phrase of the day

Oh, that'd be fun!

Sunday, March 04, 2007

What song do you want me to sing? "waddiliacha."

Is that too many clearly pronounciated syllables for a 25 months old? first time ever saying the word. coolness.

Saturday, February 03, 2007


Yesterday, Teresa and I went to happy hollow... She was very excited to see the jaguar and the lemurs and ride the merry go round and have some daddy-daughter time. Well, I guess she was feeling very conident this morning, because she sat on her potty and 'it came out daddy!'. This was after lastnight where she thought about it for a looooong time and announced the same, but with no results. I think we're going to take it really slow, since owen has recently arrived, but it shows that our little girl is growing up!

Friday, February 02, 2007

Teresa seems to be adjusting well to her new baby brother. Probably it helps that so far Owen mostly sleeps and eats, not much time for fussing and demanding attention.

Last night Teresa wanted some cuddle time with Owen so she sat with Owen on her lap in the boppy and showed Owen her elbows and catalogued his facial features. She then requested that I read Raggedy Ann to them both; I think Owen slept through it but Teresa was very proud to share with her brother.

This morning Teresa was all hugs for Owen while he had his morning nurse.

Hoepfully we'll be able to keep a happy relationship!

When asked by GrandDaddy (aka PopPop), "where did you get that cough?" Teresa paused, looked at GrandDaddy and said , "From my mouth."

Teresa showed Mama a small redness on her knee and exclaimed she had an owie. Mama asked, "where did you get your owie?" Teresa replied, "on my knee."

Monday, January 22, 2007

Teresa has lately become a singing machine. And creative too. The "Farmer in the Dell" includes a verse where "Teresa stands alone."

Saturday, January 20, 2007


Teresa's really been into singing recently... The ABC song, farmer in the dell, happy birthday, etc. She's a little hesitant singing with us, but she's been 'absent mindedly' singing alot... At lunch today, she was playing with her sandwich more than actually eating it, and kept repeating "Teresa stands alone, Teresa stands along, hi ho the derryo Teresa stands alone".

Friday, January 19, 2007

Teresa told all who would listen at day care yesterday that she had a baby sister at home. hmmm.

Saturday, January 13, 2007

Scout Vespers

Dad came dancing out of Teresa's room today after putting her down for a nap. Aftter 2 years of singin Scout Vespers to Teresa as a lullaby, it has sunk in... Dad asked Teresa to sing with him and she complied. Dad was very excited!