Friday, March 18, 2005

So I'm sitting here on the couch with T in the snugli. Thankfully she's asleep. I got home from work and she was upset. (Gas? Tired? Hungry? Just because? who knows....) Anyway, It took a bit of walking, but eventually she calmed down... Now I have one of those tricky parental choices: Do I stay here and type, or go pee make my way to bed, given the risk that she'll wake up and be fussy??? what can I say... I'm feeling chicken.

Wedvesday, GramMary and Grandpa Pete treated mommy and daddy to their first date... we went to a music show at a bookstore in livermore. It was a mandolin/guitar duo.. Pretty nice, especially the freedom of not wondering if T will need attention. Of course when we went back to pick her up, she had been crying almost the entire time: so much for our happy child! hopefully Gma and Gpa don't take it personally...

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