Tuesday, May 17, 2005

where have we been? Teresa's been busy keeping us busy!

Last night Dad showed off Teresa's latest trick... she loves to bang her feet into the ground when laying on her back. You know, kicking her feet, enjoying being alive. well, she can also propel herself in this manner. So after Teresa showed Dad how she could do this on the carpet, Dad put her down on the wood floors and WOW could she scoot! Forget about "babysafing" the house when she crawls, I need to scoot-safe the house now!!

Her other new trick - I first noticed on Sunday, Teresa has learned she has a lower lip and has started sucking on it. very cute. She has a new darling smile that is all upper lip.

She loves her little doggy stuffed animal that goes woofwoofwoof when his string is pulled. He is also really soft and Teresa has noticed things have different textures.

We bought her a fancy hiking backpack and took her climbing on Saturday. She loved being perched up high above Daddy's head. Hopefully she will like it with mommy too - mom has been hiking weekly with some other moms and babes, so far we've tried a sling and Snugli, next hike maybe we'll take the huge new backpack.

Dad has his PhD graduation ceremony this weekend so Gramma and Gramp are flying out to visit very briefly. It will be nice to see all the grandparents together again. Teresa has a fancy new dress that GramMary bought for her, especially to where to Dad's graduation!

Hopefully Dad will post pictures of some of these events soon!

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