Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Teresa has had a great day so far at 15 months of age. Shortly after she got up, her Aunt Andrea (A-day-day) came and joined her at breakfast!!! That was very weird, but soon was wonderful once Teresa realized Adayday spoke her language. They giggled up a storm and chased each other until the blue berry pancakes were ready to eat.

THEN Aunt Corita appeared!!

After a morning of play, Andrea and Corita left for Big Sur and Teresa took a well-earned nap!Teresa had her 15 month appt after awakening. She weighed in at 18 pounds 10 ozs, gaining over 2 pounds since her 1 year appt! Rumor has it she's back on the chart at the 3rd percentile! She measured 29-1/4" in length. Her head continues to track at 50% for age. Doc was pleased, no concerns, keep her happy. Two shots today. One more at 18 months andthen none until 5 years.

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