Wednesday, January 26, 2005

I was just spending some quiet time responding to friend's emails of congratulations. I've just finished typing to one, "oh yeah, I'm generally up from 11AM to 8PM so feel free to call in that window." I sent the email and a wash of fatigue came over me.

Mommy brain. I forget I'm tired? Yes, the past 2 days of no midday mommy-naps were not the start of a trend but an anomaly. Or maybe I did nap these past couple days and have just forgotten? There's a reason I'm still in my PJs.

I could use a good curling up right now, but not to be... Teresa is due to awaken any time now for another feeding and I've ordered groceries for delivery in the next 2 hour window. How's that for timing? Dad said he would come home early today but its 4PM and there's no sign of him yet.

I did accomplish a few non-baby care tasks today. Well, accomplish might be too strong as I didn't actually finish any chores yet, but nibbled at the corners of tasks between feeding and soothing the wee one. That counts for something.

I'll try a catnap on the couch while I wait for Teresa to want food and food to be delivered.

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