Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Today Gram Mary came to visit for the day. Blessed relief for Mom, emotional support more than anything else. Dang these post partum hormones which send Mom up and down the emotional rollercoaster! Gram Mary tackled our rose bushes while Teresa and Mom enjoyed a nice winter day - just sitting and watching. Well, Teresa slept. We met our back fence neighbor, David, who also moved to the neighborhood with a newborn daughter - albeit 35 years ago!

Of course Gram Mary's visit came while Mom was on a higher part of her emotional roller coaster - last night the dear child ATE lots and Mom finally got some engorgement relief. Not only that, we ALL slept for 3 hours at a spell and Mom finally got dome deep sleep not just light napping REM sleep. Wonderful to get deep sleep.

We did nothing special to celebrate Teresa's one week birthday anniversary today...beyond continuing to enjoy the treasure she is in our lives. She continued to eat really well today and Mom's engorgement might (?) be a thing of the past? The dear baby love is crying for another feeding now so Mom sould sign off adn offer her some relief.

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