Saturday, October 22, 2005

Teresa and I had our usual Friday hike with other Moms and babes. This was a great adventure! Well, all hikes are adventures, but generally we follow a trip report we find posted online (as well as use a map) so we know generally what to expect. Not yesterday. We had the trip report and were following where it said to go, but then reached a point where it was unclear if we were to parallel Eagle Creek or cross Eagle Creek. We picked crossing which as it turned out was not the right way. nonetheless we were still hiking and it was gorgeous. We eventually reached a trail junction that, while again was not signposted well, it actually had a map board so we could see where we were. We saw we could backtrack a smidge and get back on route, or loop around another way. We conferred and chose to loop. The trail took us down the back side of the mountain we'd just climbed, down to a river... sans bridge! So we mamas removed shoes and socks and waded across the knee deep water. All babies made it across nice a dry. We trekked about a mile and then crossed the same river back again. And then climbed up up up the mountain again, eventually reaching the top and the "overlook" that was the turn around spot of the orginally proposed hike. All down hill now back to our cars where we shared a wonderful picnic lunch and lolled about the blanket while the kids climbed, rolled, and explored.

We moms were all pleased with our river fording, but wonder if we'll ever get more moms to join us once word gets out that we're not sedate trail moms ;-)

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