Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Can you believe it? We STILL have pesto poopies!

Teresa can't believe it - she screams at us to take them away, but so far their source remains a mystery. Needless to say, Dad and Mom have NOT had pasta and pesto recently.

Last week we had the pediatrician and lactation consultant suggesting slightly divergent treatments; neither which ended up to be right. This week they seem to be in agreement - Teresa is very unlikely (though slightly possible) to be allergic to proteins in wheat or dairy that I'm eating. She didn't/doesn't have a garden-variety virus that would have shown signs of improvement by now. So where does that leave us?

Another round of poop sample testing to see if she's having a reaction to the antibiotics Mom was on during labor and an appointment to see a pediatric GI specialist. Hopefully one of those two will give us some answers. The good news is that when she's not trying to make a leaky pesto diaper, she's still content, happy, curious, and beautiful; we love those times. When she's creating a package it can break your heart.

She's eating well and still gaining weight (though a little slower than optimal amounts) which is good news - those two characteristics rule out a lot if YUCKY diseases that diarrhea might otherwise indicate. Whew. But the unknown cause is still frustrating.

In the meantime Mom has found a few other "new" moms to hook up with, maybe soon Mom and Dad will start making some South Bay friends. So far no rock climbing parents though!

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