Thursday, February 03, 2005

What? no posts since Sunday? has nothing of note happened this week?

Well, we had a busy first part of week - on Monday we noticed that the refrigerator was no longer a refrigerator and was instead a huge pantry... yes, it was no longer cooling, the whole reason a refrigerator lives! We called our "home warranty" folks and an enteraining repair man came out to replace one of the circuit boards in the fridge. Yes, our fridge has at least two circuit boards that I know of - what happened to the days of sawdust on an ice block??! Tuesday was consumed by refrigerator excitement.

On Wednesday, Teresa and Mom attended their first Mom and me group meeting at Good Sam. Teresa was the youngest in attendence - I guess the other REALLY new moms are still at home recovering? It was a non-event of a meeting since all the other moms with their huge months-old babies all already knew each other and have established circles. It does sound like many of them will soon "age" out of the group and there should soon be more "young'uns" attending so maybe Teresa and I will give the group another chance or two.

Today Teresa and I had a pretty good day - which inspired me to chance cooking for real! I noticed we had a wedge of fancy Spanish Manchego cheese in the fridge and decided to plan a meal around it. The first 200 recipes I found online were rejected becuase they called for potatoes. Who has potatoes just sitting around in their house waiting for use? not us!! I ended up finding a mushroom, green onion, and carrot cheese bake that sounded good so we're now waiting for the oven to heat up and for Dad to come home from work. This (hopefully delightful) treat will be supplemented by a sausage/veggie dish that is supposedly from the same region (Manchego, duh) of Spain. Maybe I should have told Dad what dinner was and he'd just toddle on home and forget about work. ah well.

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