Friday, February 18, 2005

Let's just ignore the pesto...

In other parts of Teresa's world I wonder if she's not heading off for another growth spurt - next spurt is nominally supposed to hit at 6 weeks so we're a little early, but we've been rather, erh, attached today. Dad just took the fussy child for a walk which generally quiets her right down, but this time no dice, still fussy when they returned home so even though she'd barely finished eating when they left, she's at it again.

I am finding though that if I can act QUICKLY, there are small accomplishment possible in the 5-30 minute windows of time I can steal. And, sometimes, like now, I can multitask - she's attached but I'm able to reach most keys on the keyboard to keep you entertained.

Our cloth diapering experiment continues well so we're seeking more supplies - we've found that we're not the only cloth diapering parents out there and competition on ebay for new and used supplies can be rather fierce. A brief note about those green poopies - they stain diapers less than regular breastfed newborn poop. Not that we're overly concerned about the color of our diapers... HELLO, they are DIAPERS, they're meant to be pooped on!

Hmm, I guess I didn't ignore the pesto too much in this post... Let's hope the weekend brings us more distractions!

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