Monday, February 07, 2005

Green Monster poopies!

She's not yet 4 weeks old and she's already sick :( And here, we'd just gotten used to 'dijon mustard' and now we're getting 'rotten pesto'. Plus she's obviously uncomfortable with the diarrhea. Sunday night we called the on-call nurse who reassured us that no, she was not in fact going to die (for some reason, our books couldn't agree on whether diarrhea in a newborn was life threatening, or just sub-optimal). For reference, green is not as bad as black or red or white. Hopefully she doesn't transition into 'salsa' or 'mayonaise'.

Anyway, today mom took her to the Doc, who admitted that although she didn't know what was causing it, she did agree on the not dying part... Daddy got to take a break in the middle of the day to run home and run a pesto sample off the to the hospital, and Teresa seems to have become somewhat accustomed to her new digestive processes. In the meantime, daddy is going to relax and play the mandolin a little... I'm really feeling my oats after attempting Underwater Hockey on Sunday. This gives you the idea:

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